Q. Can I really walk on my new floorcloth?

A. Yes, you can walk on them, and so can the family dog! All of my textile art starts as very heavy 100% cotton canvas. I then paint two coats of artist’s gesso, then an acrylic latex basecoat, followed by artist grade acrylic paints (with a high pigment count for rich and vibrant colors!) to execute the design, and ending with five to six coats of acrylic varnish. They are very durable and if kept up properly can last for decades! (I would not recommend walking on it with spike-heeled shoes, though).
Q. How do I clean my floorcloth, wall cloth or table linens?

A. Sweeping is fine for surface dirt. For spills or marks, you can use a damp cloth or sponge and wipe the spill clean. If more heavy cleaning is needed, use a very mild cleanser such as ivory dish soap and warm water, using minimal force– do not scrub. (no abrasive or oil soaps, alcohol or ammonia-based cleaners) Rinse and wipe dry. I suggest frequent and routine cleaning to reduce the risk of dirt becoming permanently embedded in the surface. Vacuum under the floorcloth regularly as well. Written cleaning instructions accompany each piece.

Q. Where can I put my floorcloth? Can I hang it on the wall?

A. Yes, you can! My floorcloths and wallcloths are for the most part interchangeable. If you know in advance that you won’t be putting it on the floor, the price will be slightly reduced as I can omit the cost of non-skid backing. Like any piece of expensive furniture, treat your floorcloth and table linens with love, care and regard. If you want them to last and perhaps become heirlooms, I would not suggest using it as a door mat or putting it in a mudroom! Since floorcloths are not as thick as carpets, they will take on the appearance or texture of anything on the floor underneath, including any uneven floorboards, etc.; so care should be taken in removing any dirt or flotsam & jetsam before laying your floorcloth down on as flat a surface as possible. If furniture will be placed on the floorcloth, make sure you use furniture coasters, plastic glides, or you can purchase thick felt pieces designed for this purpose. Rotate your floorcloth periodically (if possible) to avoid excessive wear in one spot.
Q. Can I use my floorcloth outdoors?

A. You can use your floorcloth outdoors for special occasions, in fact, they can really add a spectacular touch to an outdoor party or gala! I would not suggest leaving them out for extended periods. Sunrooms, lanais, and decks with awnings are great candidates for outdoor use.